I’ve Got Some Good News For You And Some Bad News For You.

That's what I heard from my new doctor on April 20th of this year.
The good news?
I had never had a stroke. Not 2 years ago and certainly not this episode either.

The bad news?
That's a pretty good bunch of bad news there if you ask me.

That sent me scurrying to my old medical books.
(I'm not sure if I've ever scurried before but I was certainly doing it now!)

I had cared for MS patients quite a number of times and had seen
mostly terminal or very sick patients. It was definitely different when I was the patient!

Common early symptoms of MS include sensory irregularities, 
such as tingling, numbness, itching, tightness, burning, 
shooting pain in the back and limbs, difficulty walking, 
blurred or double vision, red-green color distortion, 
eye pain and vision loss.These symptoms may at first be brief and mild.

The first serious attack typically appears between the ages of 
20 and 40, and can last for weeks or months. 
The symptoms can range from minor physical ailments 
to major disabilities. Other common symptoms include 
balance and equilibrium problems,bladder and bowel dysfunction,
behavioral changes, cognitive dysfunction, facial numbness, 
motor abnormalities, sexual dysfunction, 
hearing loss and vision problems.

Muscle weakness can involve the arms and legs on one side of the body, both legs or all extremities. 
Muscles can tighten and contract spontaneously. 
Many individuals with MS suffer from fatigue and need to sleep during the day to continue their activities.

I'm sure I'll have more to say, so, check back often. I hope that this 
helps someone somewhere.