About Dennis


Today and every day, I’m thankful for my lovely and loving Cheryl, my loving daughter, Jessica and her husband John and my beautiful grandchildren, Daniel and Jaedyn, Cheryl’s mom Karen, my two sons Bob and Ryan Paul, all of my online friends and acquaintances, my book readers and buyers, and, strangely, I’m thankful for my MS!! It’s taught me focus, determination, patience and most of all, it’s taught me what’s REALLY important in life…all of YOU!

Dennis lives in New Martinsville, West Virginia with his wife, Cheryl. Dennis has one daughter, Jessica Bailey Ischy, and two sons, Robert and Ryan Lively.

Dennis’ writing career has spanned 15 years and over 600 titles now with the great majority of his works being digital. He’s just come to Amazon for physical books to be published and to take advantage of the Kindle platform for digital publishing.

Dennis enjoys writing “how-to” books so much that nearly all of his 600+ books are in the “how-to” classification. He’s just discovered children’s books and has published a children’s series entitled “The Amazing Adventures Of The Fabulous Bushytail Brothers”. More children’s titles are scheduled to be published soon. (That’s probably due to Daniel, Dennis’ only grandson being born just 3 years ago and Jaiden, Dennis’ only granddaughter being born 1 year ago!)

Lately, Dennis has returned to the roots of his youth and started writing science fiction…and in his typical “energizer bunny” style of working has 18 titles just about ready to release to the public.

Dennis has been a musician most of his life and has been lucky enough to be the musical director for revival groups like The Drifters, The Platters, The Coasters, Tommy James, Dennis Yost and others.

Dennis also hosts Self Publishers Talk Radio each Thursday evening at 6:30PM eastern time. The show features conversations with self published authors who give their best tips to the listeners.